Additional Services – Add More Value

(add to a package and save up to $40.00)

Headlight Restoration – $90.00

Start with headlights being cleaned first removing bugs and any contamination. It is then wet sanded to a fine smooth finish removing yellowing oxidation, haziness and then machine polished to a clear finish for clearer visibility.

Paint Correction – $Free Onsite Quote

We Start of by decontaminating the paint with an Iron fallout remover and then clay bar each panel to rid the paint of any contamination to finish with a smooth and fine surface. Followed by multiple stages of compound & polishing application removing scratches, marring, swirl marks and any defects restoring the paint work to best result possible for a deep natural gloss showroom finish.

Clay Bar Treatment – $30.00

The process in smoothing out the paints surface to remove all contamination from road grime, break dust, bird droppings, tree sap, etc and anything that a normal wash can not.

Deep Extraction Shampoo – $80.00

A deep extraction shampooing process to suck up and remove all the germs and bacteria that have embedded in to your carpets and seats to freshen up and renew the feel in your car.

Engine Bay Detail – $50.00

Lightly misted with a light, medium or heavy all purpose cleaner/degreaser to soften the dirt in the engine bay. It is then agitated with detail brushes followed by being pressure rinsed. Dried out with compressed air and microfibre cloths we then dress all plastics and rubbers in the motor to spruce it up for a brand new look (included in our Pre-Sale package)

Commercial Detailing – $Free Onsite Quote

Got a fleet of vehicles you need done? Give us a call today, we’ll match any price quoted or even give you the best price around!

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